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WordPress Restaurant Menu Toppings Highlights

ingredients for additional purchaseIngredients for additional purchase

People have different tastes and love to customize their orders. Let them choose any additional ingredients that can be added along with a particular menu item.

You are free to add unlimited toppings, set their prices (or offer for free), set their featured images, and customize selection controls.

Side dishesSide dishes

You topping that comes as additional proposition is not necessary an ingredient for the available menu item. You may add other side dishes that you think may complement the order in a cart: be it a soft drink, coffee, pudding, salad, etc.

topping selection controlsToppings selection controls

The admin tools allow to choose the most suitable selection controls that will be displayed on the frontend when choosing a topping.

You can choose from checkboxes, radio buttons or stepper (for minimum and maximum item quantity) depending on the logical specifics of the topping.

quick checkout processQuick checkout process

There is no extra mess or troubles for the customer with adding additional items to the cart.

The available toppings are listed right next to the Add to cart button of the main menu item and are added in the same way. In the final order details the customer will see all added extras and their prices.

pizza builderPizza builder

It may be pizza or any other proposition from your menu which is available for complete customization: let customers build their own dish choosing from the ingredients given. Pizza builders are especially popular as they can even increase the sum of the order in comparison to standard pizza offers.

sell more with motopress restaurant menuSelling more

The more toppings you offer, the more odds that users want to have something else it in their cart!

It’s beneficial for both sides: you can sell more and the customers get more customized orders. More satisfied clients are also a huge bonus for your business.

Topping featured imageTopping featured image

Take a picture of your topping and set it in the admin area to make the customers even more interested in a purchase.

Most people are visuals, and especially when it comes about food, they want to see what they get. The menu item image can also increase your chances that the topping will be finally purchased.

Easy admin managementEasy admin management

Adding a topping is a quick process that requires putting its name, and optionally a price & image.

In the plugin settings you may also customize Add a topping button label and the texts to be shown to customers.

Take a look at our MotoPress guide on how to incorporate WordPress Restaurant Toppings Addon into your site and discover step by step directions concerning its work.

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This add-on drives your WordPress website to sell more. Create toppings available for additional purchase and sell them along with needed menu items created with a free MotoPress Restaurant menu plugin.

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